Wall Hangings Felted Artworks for Home and Wall

Bespoke art and design, made from sustainably sourced wool felt. Unique, eye catching and nice to the environment. 


 Bespoke FElt Art + Design for your wall

Each piece is unique + handmade from locally sourced wool

If you see something you like and it is sold out - do not fear! 

You can contact Jess to commission an original artwork 

Moon Pockets

Moon Pockets


Moon Pockets - 30 x 35cm. Hand made using natural, un-dyed merino, cross bred wool and mohair. It shimmers and changes colours with the light. As the shadows move, so do the crescents inside the moon-pockets. A statement piece, with two hollow 'moons'. Designed to hang on the wall. Is available unframed, with hangers on back. Further inquiries can be made about framing. 

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